About Linda McCormick

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Linda McCormick

Growing up in Wisconsin, my childhood included camping trips and lots of time spent on my girlfriend's farm. At home my mother placed beautiful framed nature photos on our dining room walls and changed the images as new seasons arrived. We had a screened-in sunporch where we could enjoy the weather and spend lazy summer afternoons playing cards. Sitting on that porch during thunderstorms, I could remain safe while experiencing the storm's sensory impact. These all played a part in sparking my interest in using a camera to capture the beauty, glory, and power of nature.


As a young adult I purchased a Minolta SLR film camera. I enjoyed using it for many years, and then at the time of our second child's birth, the Minolta was stolen from the hospital. We replaced it with an adequate point-and-shoot which sufficed for several years.


Then my sister and her husband bought wooded property in Wisconsin for their new house. Meandering through their beautiful acreage, I realized I should go back to an SLR if I wanted to get extreme close-ups. So it was back to Minolta for a new film camera (digital wasn't yet affordable).


For several years I shot mainly to capture beauty and to document life. I enjoyed photographing stages in our children's lives (fun events, temper tantrums, tender moments with grandparents, strewn-about Tupperware) and taking shots on vacations and at family reunions. One time I even documented the mess after a spaghetti squash exploded in our microwave!


In 2002 a friend sent me a handmade birthday card, on the front of which was a photo she had taken of a single pink rose. It really caught my eye. It was personal and special because she had made it just for me. It was beautiful and simple. Then it hit me--"THIS is what I could be doing with my eye for photography and all of those nature shots I'vd taken!" I started using my photos to create personal greeting cards and gave friends small matted and framed prints as gifts.


This led to the establishment of Blue Leaf Photography in 2003 through which I now offer outdoor portraits of children, high school seniors, and family groups, and sell photo greeting cards, calendars, and matted and framed enlargements.


As opportunities have arisen and doors have opened, I have ventured into areas such as horse photography, group events, and casual outdoor weddings and receptions. I love what I do, and of course I'm always open to new ideas and venues!


The shots on this website are from both 35mm and digital SLR cameras. Many have been taken in my own yard and neighborhood, while others are from places such as Yellowstone, Cape Cod, and Japan. I now use a Sony digital SLR and keep a Lumix pocket camera with me for quick shots.

Blue Leaf Products and Services


Photo greeting cards, matted prints, framed and matted prints--for personal or corporate use


        Cards are $3.45 each + tax; buy 6, get 1 free!


Outdoor portraits and casual event photography--high school seniors, babies, casual family photos, corporate parties, anniversary parties, benefits/gala events, birthday parties, casual weddings, family or class reunions, receptions, high school senior open houses


        Rates--Outdoor session fee--$149/hour + tax


                          Option A--add a CD of media-ready images to make your own prints--$49 + tax


                          Option B--add a custom package starting at $299 + tax


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Custom holiday cards--for personal or corporate use


        Rates vary depending on volume ordered--click on contact above


Web page photos


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